In this little article, I will show you how to set up your Windows to get Linux natively. And only in 7 steps  !

In 7 steps only

  1. Check your version of Windows 10, you need the 14316 build or earlier (= version 1607)

For this go to :
open Windows Start menu -> settings -> system -> about


  1. Activate the developer mode:

open Windows Start Menu -> Settings -> Update & security -> For developers -> switch on “Developer mode”


  1. Install Linux system under Windows

Right click on Windows Start Menu -> Programs and Features -> Turn Windows features on or off -> check “Windows Subsytem for Linux (Beta)” then “OK”


  1. Restart
  2. Type “Bash” in Start Menu. A bash command will appear, click on it to download and install Ubuntu (after accepting Canonical Licence) from the Windows Store.


  1. If you type again “Bash” in your Start Menu, you will finally see “Bash on Ubuntu on Windows” desktop appUbuntu_bash_inside_Windows.PNG
  2. Enjoy



For any troubleshooting, bug, broken system, you can simply reinstall Lxss on your Windows:

In a Command Prompt (as administrator)
Execute : “C:\WINDOWS\system32>LxRun.exe /uninstall”

And: “C:\WINDOWS\system32>LxRun.exe /install”


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